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Bright Capital

Bright Capital, also known as Bright Capital Group Limited (H.K.),member of Utopia Capitals. Bright Capital, officially known as Bright Capital Group Limited (H.K.) and affiliated with Utopia Capitals, was established in 2012.Bright Capital operates as an intelligent enterprise, focusing on business education, incubation, capital operation, and asset management.In response to the global economy, Bright Capital prioritizes value discovery, opportunity exploration, talent development, and capital appreciation across various sectors including intelligent technology, life sciences, financial innovation, and distributed business infrastructure.Simultaneously, Bright Capital reinvests capital into society and advances social progress through education and philanthropy.

Bright Capital advocates valualism, intellectualism and long-termism, harnessing the synergy of "technology + ideas + capital" to facilitate collaboration among entrepreneurs, investors, executives, engineers, scholars, industry experts, and other stakeholders in the technology ecosystem. Through sustained efforts, Bright Capital supports entrepreneurs in transitioning from small enterprises to impactful global entities, while fostering an ecological organizational and economic framework capable of self-innovation and evolution.

"Optimising the world of life and beautifying the lives of human beings" is the ultimate pursuit of Bright Capital,and we earnestly invite individuals of goodwill to join us in this noble endeavor.



Valuable products and services are the foundation of business success


The wisdom and culture of talents are the foundation of business longevity


Embracing long-term vision and perseverance yields the keys to business success


Entrepreneurship incubation
Project audition
Entrepreneurship incubation

Bright Capital facilitates early-stage success for entrepreneurial teams through seed and angel investments, offering project evaluation, research, decision-making, planning, and resource integration including technology, supply chain, marketing, talent acquisition, and public relations - positioning itself as the initial phase of business project evaluation.

Business education
Intelligence blessing
Entrepreneurship incubation

Throughout the lifecycle of enterprises or projects, particularly during growth phases, Bright Capital offers entrepreneurs, startup teams, and partners upstream and downstream a range of educational services including academic, business, and mentoring support. This aids in mitigating errors, reducing associated costs, and facilitating rapid growth for the enterprise.

Venture investment
Capital endorsement
Entrepreneurship incubation

Brignt Capital is willing to participate in equity investment at all stages of corporate growth, from seed to IPO. Unlike general venture capital, in a specific case, Bright Capital typically prioritizes talent, technology, and social impact in its investment decisions.In addition, Brignt Capital yearns for ecological investment and will simultaneously participate in the construction opportunities of the upstream and downstream of the enterprise and the surrounding ecology.

Capital operation
Scale leap
Entrepreneurship incubation

Based on the state of the enterprise, in addition to venture capital, we are also willing to collaborate with the capital community, industry funds, government capital, and private capital to provide capital operations for industries and enterprises. By leveraging external capital forces, we will build the integrity of the enterprise itself and its surrounding partners, and help to become an ecological economy.

Asset management
Stable long-term appreciation
Entrepreneurship incubation

Bright Capital offers tailored investment opportunities to investors with varying risk-return preferences, providing comprehensive long-term asset management services encompassing project investments, private equity, industrial and trust funds, family asset management, and other products. These services are delivered through meticulous research, risk assessment, risk management, and agile decision-making processes.

Social welfare
Contributing to society
Entrepreneurship incubation

Brignt Capital supports both invested enterprises and itself, increasing the profits and capital appreciation of more enterprises. Through public welfare education, charitable donations, physical practice, cultural output, and other means, we give back to society and the people for the opportunities and long-term support they provide to our enterprises. We also promote the power of light and justice to the whole society and promote social progress.

Focusing on the field of technology entrepreneurship



Openverse Network


Akashic Network


Trustbank Global



Workflow for project

Project Investment Management Process

  • 01
    Business plan

    You need to provide a carefully written business plan with data

  • 02
    Research and negotiation

    Bright VC team participates in industries, and project research and bidding

  • 03
    Contract and invest

    Sign contracts based on negotiated cooperation norms and actually inject capital

  • 04
    Support and regulation

    Provide support in public image and comprehensive resources, and participate in management within the scope of rights and interests

  • 05

    We will exit the project company in a win-win situation at the appropriate time

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Project financing

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Welcome to invest in our BP, suitable projects, and we will further discuss with you.

Asset management

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To inquire Brignt Capital's asset management products and value-added plans, please contact your asset management colleagues.

Job opportunities

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We sincerely invite talents who are interested in the capital industry to join the Bright Capital team to learn and grow together.

Public relations

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Welcome business partners from all walks of life to participate in the Brignt cause and grow together.